Local Asset

Chapter 1 General Rules

I (Membership Contract)

This contract is applied for all members to use our premium membership service by Local Asset.(LA)

II (Definition)

The followings are our term definition of this contract.
  • Membership contract is required when our premium member uses our membership service provided by LA.
  • Our premium member has to be accepted by LA.
  • Premium membership rule is decided by LA and should be announced to all premium members.
  • Premium membership recognition process is managed by the combination between password and ID provided by LA.
  • Premium membership recognition through our process, our premium member can use and enjoy our membership zone treely.
  • Individual informaion is our premium member's one, which can identify each person.

III (Premium Membership Rule)

  • This rule is one component of our membership contract.
  • This rule and contract must follow Japanese and International law and regulation.

IV (Change of Premium Membership Contract and Rule)

  • LA is able to change them without each premium member's agreement
  • That change will be effective since our announcement has been release in LA web-site.

V (Notice)

  • LA can notify our proper notice to each premium member through our proper information method.
  • That notice will be effective when notice has been released to each premium member.

Chapter 2 Premium Membership

VI (Join)

  • The person who wants to become our premium member has to take our joining process.
  • Joining process itself means his or her agreement of our premium membership contract and rules.

VII (Acceptance of Join)

  • LA will check each premium membership request. Membership contract will be effective after LA's acceptance of joining request.

VIII (Unacceptance of Join)

LA does not accept the membership joining request due to the following reasons.
  • No presence of member.
  • Violation of our premium membership contract and Japanese or International law and regulation.
  • Not true description in the membership request form.
  • Not adult.
  • Trouble making to our premium membership service.

VIIII (Membership Transfer Prohibition)

The member cannot neither sell nor transfer his or her premium membership to the third party.

X (Information Change)

  • Each premium member will inform LA when any membership information changed.
  • Without above information change notice, LA cannot have any responsibility about it.

XI (Adjournment)

  • Premium member can adjourn our premium membership service with his or her notice to LA.

XII (Cancellation)

  • When the premium member cancel our premium membership service, the notive to LA is required.

Chapter 3 Premium Membership Obligation

XIII (Access to Premium Membership)

  • Each premium member has to prepare all equipment for accessing to LA web-site.

XIV (ID & Pass)

  • Each premium member has to report to LA when his or her personal recognition information such as ID or Pass has been lost.